December 2, 2022

Top 10 Apps For Quick Mobile Loans In Kenya.

I was shocked by a one-KNBS-stat that revealed the extent of digital borrowing. That, about 6.5 million Kenyans borrow using the now famous mobile loan apps in Kenya.

Mobile loan applications have become reliable loan platforms. And as long as you have a smartphone – android-enabled, you can install an app of choice and start enjoying timely financial solutions during cagey emergency situations.

The loan apps have therefore gained immense popularity in the country. As at June 2019, the number of these apps hit 49 and counting.

Without further ado, what are the best loan apps in Kenya because not all may be true to the task. Below, I dissect into the top 10 apps that you may want to try out in case you find yourself in a financial crisis.

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