November 28, 2022


Top 10 Agrovets In Eldoret

An end-to-end supply store for farmers, dealing in seed, fertilizer, animal feed, veterinary supplies, etc/With the increase in agricultural farming in Kenya, an agrovet business in an excellent idea. The lack of white-collar jobs has made many people start to livestock farming, creating a demand for livestock products.

1.Baitany Agro-Vet

Located in Eldoret, Kenya. Company is working in Farming, Agricultural Chemicals, Agriculture business activities.You contact them on +254-532030600

2.Baraka Fertilizer

Manufacturerer of blended nutrition Fertilizer – made in Kenya, by Kenyans for Kenya – BARAKA FERTILIZER.

Baraka Fertilizer® is a crop-specific and balanced-nutrition NPK fertilizer made in Kenya.You can get intouch with them on 0727959950