Top 10 Agrovets In Eldoret

Top 10 Agrovets In Eldoret

An end-to-end supply store for farmers, dealing in seed, fertilizer, animal feed, veterinary supplies, etc/With the increase in agricultural farming in Kenya, an agrovet business in an excellent idea. The lack of white-collar jobs has made many people start to livestock farming, creating a demand for livestock products.

1.Baitany Agro-Vet

Located in Eldoret, Kenya. Company is working in Farming, Agricultural Chemicals, Agriculture business activities.You contact them on +254-532030600

2.Baraka Fertilizer

Manufacturerer of blended nutrition Fertilizer – made in Kenya, by Kenyans for Kenya – BARAKA FERTILIZER.

Baraka Fertilizer® is a crop-specific and balanced-nutrition NPK fertilizer made in Kenya.You can get intouch with them on 0727959950


3.Saroyot Agrovet

Get veterinary medicine, pesticides, Chemicals, animal medicine.Located at Grand Pri Building.Ground floor Nandi Uganda Rd.

4.Ndalat agrovet

Deals with animal health and animal feeds.Located at Sizzlars House 1st Floor Sizzlars Eastern Ave.For more information contact 0726859275

5.Cheben Sons Agrovet

Kitale – Eldoret Road, Eldoret, Kenya

Phone: +254 724 496006

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  1. Mkulima Agrovet

C 51 Road, Eldoret, Kenya

Phone: +254 724 453390

agrovet supplies in eldoret
  1. Testai Agrovet

Kitale Eldoret Highway, Eldoret-Kitale Rd, Moi’s Bridge, Kenya

Coordinate: 0.8769284, 35.11996

Phone: +254 728 501455

  1. Super Wakulima Stores

Eldoret-Kitale Rd, Moi’s Bridge, Kenya

Coordinate: 0.8777554, 35.1203

Phone: +254 708 438072

  1. Lessos Veterniary Suppliers

Tilil House, Kenyatta St, Eldoret, Kenya

Coordinate: 0.5173987, 35.2747744

Phone: +254 703 500764

10.Ours Agrovet

At Sogomo, Seiyo Complex, Kitale – Cherangani Rd, Eldoret, Kenya

Phone: +254 714 741223