Top 10 Most Watched TV Programs in Kenya

Top 10 Most Watched TV Programs in Kenya

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Top 10 Most Watched TV Programs in Kenya

A GeoPoll report titled Television and Radio Audience Ratings for Q4 2019 in Kenya: A GeoPoll Audience Measurement Report has shed light on the most-watched TV programs in Kenya.The report which was released on Wednesday, March 11, gave a detailed description of TV programs that Kenyans watched between 7.30 p.m. and 8 p.m. every week for the last quarter of 2019 (October through December).The timeslot has mainly been dedicated to local programming in either English or Kiswahili, that mirrors everyday life in Kenya, with Citizen TV, the pioneer of local productions in Kenya, taking the lead in attracting most viewers.

1. Churchill Show

Churchill show is one of the oldest and most watched Kenyan TV shows in East Africa. The show airs on NTV by the famous Daniel Ndambuki. It used to be recorded live at Carnivore grounds but recently it has been moved to various places in Kenya.

Churchill show was first performed in 2007 and it has grown to a full laughter industry. This Kenyan show aims at promoting the talents of comedians featuring people like; professor Hammo, MC Tricky, Eric Omondi, MC Jessie, among others. It also promotes other people with different talents like artists.

2. Maria

It is one of the newest drama series on Citizen TV. The show started late 2019 and has captured the eyes of many Kenyans. This Kenyan series on YouTube is about Maria, a ghetto girl who is taken to the posh Hausa family and falls in love Luwi, Hausa’s son.

Maria show has given its actors a great breakthrough in their acting career. One of the lucky men, Ronald Ndubi, known as Victor in the series confessed that his opportunity is a success after many failed attempts.

3. Unganisho Reality TV Show

Reality TV dates back to the 1940s but it was only in the early 1990s that it was given serious attention.Hollywood has set the standards high with popular shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Wags, The Bachelor and Got Talent, among others

Unganisho Reality TV Show
Unganisho Reality TV Show

This is a Reality TV Show that seeks to reconcile estranged family members.Members who parted ways for years owing to family disputes.The show is about re-uniting estranged blood.

4. Perfect Match

It is one of the most captivating dating realities shows in Kenya. Perfect Match features a lady and a gentleman who meet up on a blind date. Each of them talks of their future partner character and outlook expectations to see if they suit each other.

Most of the young people get glued on the show trying to relate their experience on dating and relationships. But some can turn out quite dramatic. Recently, Kenyans have question whether Perfect Match is a reality show or scripted drama.

5.One love

One of the hottest reggae and dancehall show in the country airing every Saturday from 10:00p.m-1.00p.m. The show hosted by Talia Oyando and Dominic Kariuki, aka Coco Sobo, appeals to many viewers, especially the youth.

Talia Oyando
Talia Oyando

They play and dance to the hottest reggae songs and invite popular musicians like, Vybz Kratel, Konshens and Ricky Blaze.

6. Ringo

Ringo is one of the American shows that broadcasts on Citizen TV every day. It is about a gentleman named Ringo who has dedicated his life to boxing. The soap opera has become an international show due to its eye-catching actors and actresses.

The show began officially in March 2020 on Citizen TV. It has continually gained a handful of loyal viewers. Ringo brings out the moral lesson of consistency and keeping focus in life despite the challenges faced.

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7. Wicked Edition

It is one of the Kenyan favorite Friday evening show. Its host is Dr. King’ori on NTV. Wicked edition is an issue-based comedy where different people with different experiences in life share their stories.