Top 10 Places To Visit In Kisumu

It is a place about a lot of stories and myths about the rocks, and you will be entertained hearing of the stories about them and also get the chance to visit the caves that have now been turned into worshiping abodes of the Legio Maria sect who pilgrimage to the site for prayers and fast.

Climb the rocks and observe the breadths and span of Lake Victoria, Kisumu City and the Kisumu International Airport as well as the rolling plains. You can get here and do your picnics too, or even participate in soccer matches with the locals at the nearby Kit Mikayi Primary School. It is the perfect get-away from town with a whole new experience.

4. Hippo Point
Hippo Point is a 600-acre open viewing area on Lake Victoria. Despite its name, it is better known as a viewing point for its unobstructed sunsets over the lake than for its occasional hippos.

Hippo Point is near the village of Dunga, a few kilometers SW of the town. The village also has a fishing port and a camping site.

Enjoy a boat ride as you check out hippos and birds in their natural habitat. Go out fishing and enjoy the scenery of Kisumu city straight from the deep waters.

It is very popular during the weekends and holidays, when merry-makers, friends and foe converge here for the sunset or just to meet up with friends. It is a perfect getaway spot in the city.

5. Kiboko Bay
Set on the shores of the Majestic Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kiboko Bay Resort is a jogging distance from the high street, the Impala Park and the Dunga Fishing Village.

Kiboko Bay Resort has been consistently rated as the best among Kisumu resorts, giving the discerning travelers the luxury of embracing the Safari feel of an African adventure in absolute comfort.

Once a quarry harvesting rocks and sandy soil from the lake shore, Kiboko Bay Resort is now a friendly site for both business and leisure travelers.

The idyllic lakeside setting is a perfect getaway for romantic tourists and overworked corporate to recharge their batteries.

The resort is endowed with amazing charms and natural attractions. For some the attraction of the lake is its sheer expanse. For others it is the vibrant bird life, and for many, gliding through the waters absorbing the beauty of the unspoilt wetlands and mangrove forests, and for every lover of beauty a thousand splendid sunsets on the shimmering sweet waters.

6. The Kisumu Museum
This is the location of the history of this side of Kenya. It’s a small yet comprehensive exhibit gallery and displays of material culture of the peoples of the Western Rift valley and Nyanza Province. This includes traditional clothing and adornment, basketry, fishing gear, agricultural tools and hunting weaponry. Also on display are several dioramas, including a lion, De Brazza monkey, and the largest Nile Perch ever caught in Kenya.

The museum contains numerous pavilions with some of the pavilions containing:

• Live animals
• Numerous aquaria with a wide variety of fish from lake Victoria, along with explanatory posters
• Terrarium containing mambas, spitting cobras, puff adders and other venomous Kenyan snakes.
• Additionally, outdoors, the museum has a few additional exhibits, including a snake pit and a crocodile container.
• Other pavilions show weaponry, jewelry, farm tools and other artifacts made by various people from Nyanza province. Additionally, there are exhibits of stuffed animals, birds and fish.
• One pavilion houses the prehistoric TARA rock art, which was moved for its own protection to the museum after it was defaced by graffiti in its original location.
• Beyond the exhibit gallery and Snake Park is a life-size replica of a traditional Luo homestead. This is the museums most important and largest exhibition is the UNESCO-sponsored Ber-Gi-Dala. This is a full-scale recreation of a traditional Luo homestead. Clubbing