Top 10 Places To Visit In Kisumu

7. Planet Media and Starflix Cinemas
For the movie junkies and the indoor people, Planet Media Cinemas that opened shop in Kisumu late last year offers to bring to this lakeside city latest blockbuster movie releases from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Planet Media – a multimedia arm of the Nakumatt Holdings enterprises prides itself as the premier is the first movie theatre house in Kenya to adopt the new digital film-screening standard. With digital format, patrons at Planet Media Cinemas enjoy better sound clarity, a smoother and more life-like picture as the eye sees twice the number of images per second.

Starflix Cinemas which also opened shop in Kisumu almost two years ago offers same movies experience.
Both cinema houses are located at the Mega City Mall along the Kisumu – Nairobi road.

8. Bike rides – tour the town with “chartered” bikes – Bike Ventures, bodaboda and tuk-tuk tours
The best way to tour the city is to get a “chartered bicycle” provided by Bike Ventures. At only KShs 300 bob only for a whole day, one can sufficiently tour the city and its environs to sample the best of this city. You also get the chance to exercise your legs.

One can also get to tour the city while riding on a tuk-tuk or the bodaboda bikes, but the charges would be a little higher.

9. Kisumu’s Nightlife
If you are a nocturnal animal and love to groove and shake a bit, then the over 20 clubs and lounges in town will give you the very best of Kisumu in terms of musical entertainment and dance shows, live bands and thrill from the fun crowds.

From within the town, all the way to Mamboleo and even towards the airport; you will be able to find somewhere at night where you can get entertained at night.

Security is better in town, though one must beware of the drugging that happens in clubs too. Don’t get your drink laced with “mchele” – so they call it. Some clubs are very notorious with this scenario, while you are at it just be sure your drink is safe.

10. Flea Market

Kisumu City is served with two major flea markets – Kibuye and Oile Markets.

Kibuye touted as one of the biggest flea/open air markets in East Africa is more popular on Sundays, and one is able to get a good deal on whatever is the nature of their trade. Cheap second hand clothing is prominent here. This is the best day too to shop for your groceries as the many green groceries suppliers from the surrounding regions visit the market.

Oile Market located near the bus park (was initially a public park before it was invaded by hawkers who have now made it their selling grounds). It is always open throughout the week and one is able to get most of the green groceries here anytime plus second hand staff.