November 28, 2022

This is what happened to Thomas from Generations

Most of us remember him as Thomas ‘Mazi’ Mashaba on Generations, a spoilt son of wealthy and powerful Keneth Mashaba but his real name is Rantebeg Makapan.

His character was meant to bring trouble into his father’s relationship with Dineo who was portrayed by Katlego Danke. Thomas was obsessed with Dineo and his obsession made him neglect the kind of relationship that he had with his father who also loved Dinny.

Today I came across a post on social media which was defining Kenneth and Dineo as the ‘summer plans,’ Thomas on the other hand was placed as a new upcoming variant of Corona Virus known as the Delta variant. under the post, people reminisced about the acting that these people used to bring to us and I also noticed that there are many of us who do not know where our Thomas is and what is he up to now with his life. I saw some individuals saying that they saw him somewhere and he is not doing well. I did not want to believe that so I did some digging and came up with something that I thought I should share about him.