Top ten richest people in Kenya 2021 Forbes List

How many billionaires are in Kenya?

The richest man in Kenya 2021: Forbes top ten list today.
Most individuals have been asking us to uncover the list of the top 10 richest people in Kenya in 2021. According to a publication by, we managed to uncover who is the richest man in Kenya for the year 2021. As a result, today, we shall list the Forbes top ten richest people in Kenya in 2021.

How many billionaires are in Kenya?

Currently, there are over 400 billionaires in Kenya in 2021 today. This is according to a publication by businessdailyafrica that revealed Nairobi hosts over 75% of the wealthiest people who are the billionaires in Kenya.

On the other hand, a report by the Central Bank of Kenya acknowledged that there are over 1.2 million Kenyan’s with at least KSh 100,000 in their bank accounts. Certainly, this is an indication that Kenya is not a poor country but an affluent nation.

Richest man in Kenya 2021 Forbes

Vimal Shah is the richest man in Kenya in 2021 today, according to Forbes. Vimal Shah is the CEO of Bidco Oil Refineries Africa, with an estimated net worth of 140 billion Kenyan shillings. The company has so far expanded from East and Central Africa to the whole of the African continent, Bidco Africa.

Naushad Merali (late), the architect of Sameer Group is the third richest person in Kenya in 2021, after Narendra Raval (Guru), steel tycoon of East Africa. The current president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta is the 4th richest man in Kenya in 2021, with a net worth of about KES 47 billion.

The late Chris Kirubi, chairman of Centum Investment Group, and owner of Capital Media Group is currently ranked as the 9th richest man in Kenya in 2021.

In summary, we will list the name of the richest man or people in Kenya. Then, we will state their estimated net worth for the year 2021.

Top ten richest in Kenya 2021 Forbes list

  1. Vimal Shah. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 150 billion. Vimal Shal is the richest person in Kenya 2021 today.
  2. Narendra Raval. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 92 billion. Chairman of Devki Group of Companies East Africa.
  3. Naushad Merali. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 70 billion.
  4. Uhuru Kenyatta. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 47 billion.
  5. S. K Macharia. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 45 billion. Owner of Royal Media Services Kenya. He’s also the founder of Tissue Papers in Kenya and East Africa in the early 1980s.
  6. Manu Chandaria. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 40 billion.
  7. Peter Kahara Munga. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 28 billion. He is the Chairman of the Equity Bank Group.
  8. James Mwangi. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 25 billion. Group Managing Director and CEO of the Equity Group Holdings Limited.
  9. Chris Kirubi. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 20 billion.
  10. Benson Wairegi. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 12 billion. Managing Director of Britam, Equity Bank shareholder (0.26%). And finally,
  11. Atul Shah. Net Worth 2021 – Ksh 10 billion. MD & CEO of the Nakumatt Holdings Limited.


The Forbes list of the top 10 richest man or people in Kenya in 2021 is inevitably the most precise and current right now. Our findings were based on research from top sites like ugwire, businessdailyafrica, as well as

Lastly, we shall keep you posted on the same page as time goes by on the Forbes list of the top ten richest people in Kenya in 2021. If you missed out on the previous post, here are the richest politicians in the world in 2021.